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Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace and the cost of a single accident could easily exceed $1.4 million. A defensive driver safety program can reduce risk and keep people safer on the road.

Nobody knows driver safety training like the people who pioneered it more than 50 years ago. The National Safety Council created the first defensive driving course in 1964 and has been the leader in driver safety training ever since.

At Tribune Training Academy, our defensive driver training courses are delivered through The National Safety Council Certified Instructors, who are experienced with over 10 years in the safety industry.

NSC Driver Training provides:

  • Leading-edge curriculum for greater comprehension and content retention.
  • Cost effective training solutions for organizations of all sizes.
  • Immediate and post-incident training, when timing is crucial.
  • New employee or refresher training.
  • Remote, onsite and customized training.
  • Flexibility for ease of scheduling and student participation.

Duration of the training:
The duration of your defensive driving course will last 6 hours.

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Defensive Driving Safety Training

Defensive driving courses, also known in some states as traffic school?are courses that enhance your skills behind the wheel. They are state-specific and address your state’s traffic requirements and regulations, as well as areas of concern on the road. They also aim to instill habits that can prevent accidents or help you react more quickly to an oncoming hazard.

In short, a defensive driving course refreshes your driving knowledge and teaches you to drive defensively, giving you a better foundation to make safe, quick decisions while behind the wheel.

Defensive Driving Courses in New York

In New York, defensive driving courses, or traffic school, is referred to as a point and insurance reduction program (PIRP). This comprehensive driver safety course provides you with the knowledge and techniques you need to become a safe and lawful driver.
By successfully completing a PIRP, you can remove up to 4 points from your New York driving record.

New York Defensive Driving Course Providers
In the state of New York, you can take a defensive driving course from an approved classroom provider. Your classroom course must be lead by a certified instructor and you will need to attend in person for the entire duration of the course (320 minutes of instruction).
Tribune Training Academy is an approved training provider by NYS DMV for in-class Defensive Driver Training.

New York Defensive Driving Course Details
Upon successful completion of an approved defensive driving course/traffic school in New York:

  • Your safe driving knowledge will be refreshed.
  • You can remove up to 4 points from your NYS DMV driving record.
  • You will receive a 10% insurance rate reduction for 3 years.

The completion of a defensive driving course/accident prevention course will not:

  • Prevent a mandatory revocation or suspension of your New York driver’s license.
  • Relieve your responsibility to pay a driver responsibility assessment.

When you successfully pass your defensive driving course, your course provider will mail you a completion certificate:

  • Within 45 days, when you take a classroom course.

Once you present your New York traffic school completion certificate to your insurance company, within 90 days after course completion, your liability and collision premium reduction will come into effect. If you present your certificate of completion more than 90 days after you complete the course, your insurance provider may issue your premium discount effective from the date presented.If you don’t receive your certificate within 8 weeks after completing the course, you should immediately contact your defensive driving course provider. This course can be taken once every 3 years to maintain insurance reduction benefits.It’s important to note that the completion of traffic school/PIRP does not prevent general premium increases, or premium increases due to accidents or violations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions drivers have when it comes to taking a defensive driving course. Please keep in mind that some requirements are state specific.

For state-specific requirements, please select your state.

Why might I need/want to take a defensive driving course?
While the allowable reasons are state-dependent, these courses can be taken for the following:

  • Point reduction or removal.
  • Insurance premium reduction.
  • Driver’s license reinstatement (IF the suspension is due to license points).
  • Additional training to up-level your driving skills.

Do I have to go to a specific school to take a course?
It depends on what your state allows, but many states have approved online defensive driving courses as viable alternatives to the traditional classroom course. Sometimes, it also depends on the type of violation you committed, or whether you’re taking a course voluntarily to earn a discount on your insurance. Check with your court or insurance provider to see what’s acceptable for your circumstances.

Can I take a defensive driving course if I have a commercial driver’s license?
For most states the answer is no. There are some states that will allow you to take a defensive driving course if you hold a CDL but you were not operating a commercial motor vehicle at the time of your violation. It is best to check with your licensing agency or the agency in which you received a violation.

What are the requirements for taking defensive driving?
While these do vary from state to state, the basic requirements for taking a defensive driving course include the following:

  • Possession of a valid, noncommercial state driver’s license.
  • Not having completed a prior course within your state’s allowable window
  • An eligible moving violation, if applicable and allowed by your state.
  • For insurance purposes, a decent driving record and a policy that allows courses for premium reductions.

Does taking a defensive driving course remove a ticket from my driving record?
It completely depends on your state and your court. Generally, the answer is no.

A defensive driving course will TYPICALLY offset points from your public driving record, in the form of a reduction or a credit (again, this is highly state- and court-dependent), rather than remove the violation from your record completely.

How many times can I take a defensive driving course?
Like everything else, this is state dependent. Below are a few examples of state limits on defensive driving courses:

  • California: Every 18 months, unless approved by the court.
  • Texas: Every 12 months.
  • New York: Every 36 months.

If I take defensive driving, do I still have to pay my ticket?
Most likely, yes. But in some cases, the court may reduce your fines if you agree to take a defensive driving course.

Can I take defensive driving to remove a ticket for driving under the influence?
No. Drivers who receive tickets for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence cannot take a defensive driving course to points from their driving record. In some states, drivers who have received a DWI or DUI may be required to take a course specifically designed for these offenses.These are not considered defensive driving courses. Visit your state’s motor vehicle department website for more information on DWI or DUI infractions.

How will I know if I’m eligible to take a defensive driving course?
Usually, your appropriate state department will send you a notice in the mail letting you know you qualify for a defensive driving course, but you can also call your court or DMV and ask.

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