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Fire Guard Exam Prep Course

With the demand of Security Guards in New York City, Figureguards are becoming just as demanding. Most office buildings and construction sites are making the fireguard license a mandatory certification to have. In order to become a fireguard, you must obtain a fireguard license/certificate of fitness from the NYFD and to obtain such license, a security guard must successfully pass the fire department certificate of fitness examination. The fire department does not conduct any courses for any of the fireguard classes. They however, do provide you with a guide, which you are able to study in order to increase your chance of passing the examination.

At Tribune Training Academy, you will get the appropriate instructions of the topics coverd in the NYFD guides of certificate you are attempting to acquire. At the end of the course, you will receive a package which contains multiple choice questions and worksheets that are created to help you practice and maximize your chance passing.

Through our fireguard exam prep program, you will have an opportunity to acquire the knowledge to identify the types of hazardous materials that are often found in construction sites, homeless shelters, buildings and hot work operation areas. You will successfully be able to identify the types of fire and utilize the types of fire extinguishers. You will learn how to successfully utilize the fire extinguisher according to the fire extinguishing regulations. You will also, learn about safety procedures and regulations of non-emergency and emergency situations. At the end of the course, you will receive 20 multiple choice questions to test what you have learned in the course. The length of this course will last for approximately 4 hours.

This is an exam preparatory course for the Fireguard Certificate of Fitness (COF) examination only. We do not provide the FDNY COF examination. You must go to 9 Metrotech and pay the FDNY fees in order to take the exam. Also, we do not provide any official FDNY questions. The questions you will receive are created for your practice based on the Certificate of fitness topics found in the FDNY study guide. You can find this guide at the FDNY website for free. This course is offered with the sole purpose of providing additional assistance for FDNY COF examination. Tribune Training Academy is not responsible for the passing or failing of any COF examinations. You are to study the guide provided by the FDNY in order to prepare for this examination. If you chose to, you may utilize the guidance from Tribune Training Academy, alongside the FDNY study material to further boost your chance of passing the examinations. You are under no obligation to take this course by the fire department or Tribune Training Academy in to qualify for the FDNY COF examination. By agreeing to take this course, you are agreeing to understand that Tribune Training Acadedmy has no affiliation with the FDNY in order to provide this course to you and that you are willingly taking this course to assist you with the preparation for the FDNY COF examination(s).


A fireguard license is mandatory at most office buildings and construction sites in New York City. Our fireguard exam prep program, which includes only the Fireguard Certificate of Fitness exam preparatory course, teaches you about hazardous materials found at construction sites, buildings, hot work operation areas, and homeless shelters. Different types of fires are covered too.

You’ll also learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher per applicable regulations and about all safety procedures and regulations relevant to emergencies and non-emergencies. Our F-01 Fireguard for Impairment Course covers fire drill requirements, fire emergency preparedness plans, fire protection systems for buildings, and portable fire extinguishers; practice tests are included as well.

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