The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires anyone who operates a powered industrial truck to have the appropriate training. Mobile power-propelled trucks, which include forklifts, are included in this category and cover any truck that can carry, push, pull, stack, tier, or lift materials.

To become certified and use such a vehicle in the workplace, a truck operator must be trained and pass an operator evaluation exam. TribuneST offers National Safety Council training that complies with the OSHA Outreach Classroom Training Program to help operators obtain their forklift certification in NY. The primary goal is to train workers to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent workplace hazards.

What Forklift Safety Training Covers

Forklift training covers pertinent topics such as moving a truck with and without a load, lifting loads, and stacking items. Considering factors such as ramps, elevators, and trailers, it also incorporates non-operator safety training. This is for individuals who work near forklifts.

Operator training is suited for a wide range of individuals, including but not limited to those who require forklift certification to operate a powered industrial lift truck. They include:

  • Training personnel
  • Safety personnel
  • Warehouse and shipping/receiving managers
  • Operations managers
  • Construction site managers

The equipment covered under the training requirements includes rider trucks, narrow aisle trucks, and hand trucks powered by an electric motor. Internal combustion engine trucks with solid, cushion, or pneumatic tires are covered as well, as are electric and internal combustion engine tractors and rough terrain forklift trucks.

What if I Don’t Provide the Proper Forklift Training in NY?

If an employer fails to provide adequate training, they can receive a $7,000 fine by OSHA—for each untrained operator. For willful violations, they can be fined up to $70,000. Both employers and employees can be fined for not having the proper OSHA forklift certification.

OSHA’s revised training requirements, in effect since March 1, 1999, are designed to help reduce injuries and deaths due to inadequate training. Applying to virtually every industry (except agricultural operations), these rules require employers to evaluate an operator’s performance before permitting them to use a vehicle on any premises. An employer can also designate any qualified employee as a Trainer/Evaluator.

How Our Training Complies with the Requirements

At TribuneST, our forklift training in NY covers the types of vehicles used in the workplace, hazards that may be created by vehicle operators, and general OSHA safety requirements. Our training program factors in the operator’s prior knowledge and skill and their demonstrated ability to safely operate the vehicle.

Our training provides 10 or 30 hours of classroom-based lectures led by trainers who have at least a master’s degree in construction and general industry. Once successfully completing in-class OSHA Outreach Training, participants receive a 10-hour or 30-hour Certificate of Completion. They also receive a Department of Labor OSHA Outreach Training Card (within 90 days of completion), which is accepted by The New York City Department of Buildings.

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