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At Tribune Training Academy, we are committed to providing top-notch scaffold training courses that prioritize safety, expertise, and compliance with industry standards. Our courses cater to individuals at various skill levels, offering essential knowledge and practical experience. Explore our diverse scaffold training programs.

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  • Overview:
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • Ideal for: Entry-level workers, refreshers for experienced users
    • Key Topics:
      • Introduction to supported scaffold systems
      • Safety guidelines and regulations
      • Proper use and inspection of equipment
      • Emergency procedures and rescue techniques

    Why Choose This Course?

    • Quick and targeted for beginners or as a refresher for experienced users
    • Focus on essential skills for safe supported scaffold use
    • Compliance with industry standards and regulations


  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Ideal for: Intermediate-level workers, supervisors
  • Key Topics:
    • In-depth understanding of supported scaffold systems
    • Hands-on training in assembling and dismantling scaffolds
    • Load calculations and weight distribution
    • Advanced safety measures and protocols

Why Choose This Course?

  • Comprehensive coverage of supported scaffold systems
  • Practical skills development with extended hands-on sessions
  • Suitable for those taking on supervisory roles


  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Ideal for: Workers involved in suspended scaffold operations
  • Key Topics:
    • Rigging and hoisting techniques
    • Inspection and maintenance of suspended scaffold equipment
    • Emergency procedures and evacuation plans
    • Regulatory compliance for suspended scaffolds

Why Choose This Course?

  • Specialized training for workers dealing with suspended scaffold systems
  • Emphasis on safety protocols specific to suspended scaffolding


  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Ideal for: Experienced workers involved in advanced suspended scaffold operations
  • Key Topics:
    • Advanced rigging techniques
    • Complex suspended scaffold configurations
    • Project-specific safety considerations
    • Regulatory compliance for advanced suspended scaffolds

Why Choose This Course?

  • Tailored for professionals working with complex suspended scaffold setups
  • In-depth training on advanced rigging and safety procedures


  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Ideal for: Advanced-level workers, project managers
  • Key Topics:
    • Advanced scaffold design and engineering
    • Project planning and management
    • Complex scaffold assembly scenarios
    • In-depth understanding of OSHA regulations

Why Choose This Course?

  • Extended program for in-depth knowledge and expertise
  • Suitable for those overseeing complex scaffold projects


  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Ideal for: Experienced workers involved in advanced suspended scaffold operations
  • Key Topics:
    • Advanced rigging techniques and load assessment.
    • Leadership and communication skills for effective supervision.
    • Compliance with safety protocols and industry regulations.
    • Equipment inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
    • Incident response and emergency procedures.
    • Project planning and execution strategies.
    • Hands-on practical exercises and simulations.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Instructors with extensive rigging and supervision experience.
  • Comprehensive curriculum blending theory and hands-on practice.
  • Interactive learning environment with discussions and exercises.
  • Career advancement opportunities into rigging supervisor roles.

Why Choose Tribune Training Academy Scaffold Training?

Learn from industry experts with a wealth of experience.

Gain practical skills through real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises.

Our courses adhere to OSHA regulations and industry standards.

Tailor courses for specific project requirements.

Choose from a variety of schedules to suit your needs.

Many professionals have successfully completed Tribune Training Academy’s scaffold courses and have gone on to excel in their careers. Our proven track record speaks to the effectiveness of our training programs.

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